HAS Roll Bolt

HSA Roll Bolts are mainly found in structures, devices, beam-to-column connections, cabling in concrete walls and many others. HAS roll bolts tolerate high shear and stretch forces up to high degrees and sustain high performance.

Other applications that could include roll bolts are:


* Installation of power poles or guard rail along highways in concrete bridge

* Mounting bolts on foundation for installing shed

* Retaining wall

* Planting and adding plate bullets

* Mounting plate on the forehead of beam or column

* Increasing the number of floors

* Create picket and console

* Increasing the size of the foundation

* Planting bolt in ceiling

* Connecting prefabricated components

* Planting rebars to reinforce shear wall

* Installation of steel beam on concrete structures

* Installation of heavy industrial machinery on concrete floor

* Installation of offshore structures

* Stabilizing mechanical machinery on concrete

* Quoining into Elevator hole 

* Installing fender and Ship berthing facilities

* Stabilizing and consolidating building stone facades

* Converting monopile foundation to strip foundations

* Reinforcement of connections and columns




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